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Waxing Service by Fisexta
for men's only

Fisexta 致力為男士提供優質生活產品與服務,同時提供保持高度穩密、專享式的男士購物實體店,使你購物時免於尷尬及安心享用服務。

Fisexta Waxing 為你帶來男士私密部位的儀容整理,讓你從內保持清爽整潔,不失禮於人,嫩滑的肌膚觸感誘人,讓你的愛侶愛不釋手,一試難忘。


Waxing services by Fisexta (Men's only) - Staying clean and tidy is important for man. You may dress up to provide the best appearance for daily activities. But you also need to keep everything looks great while being naughty.

(with service menu & price list)